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At EduAims we believe that career decisions are too important to leave to chance, we want to ensure individuals have access to the finest tools and the best information available before making a decision. We believe that a well informed decision is the right decision.

Through our regularly conducted excursions, aptitude development programs, examination workshops, university tours and profile building exercises we ensure that the student is moulded into an individual who tastes success in all aspects of life.

Our Career Development Program comprises a series of modules which work towrads educating the student in various career options available and their respective requirements while ensuring a gradual development in critical thinking and creative abilities. Through various scientific assessment programs such as Psychometric tests, aptitude tests, IQ tests and personalised counseling sessions with specialist counselors and educationists we ensure that decision making is less confusing and more stramlined. 

Our Career Development Program comprises

  • - Career Counseling

  • - Psychometric, Aptitufe, IQ tests

  • - College Essay writing workshops

  • - High School mentoring

  • - Internship assistance

  • - Excursions

  • - University tours

  • - Writing Schools

  • - Exam workshops




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