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 Construction Management is the amalgamation of disciplines of civil engineering and management, becoming quite vibrant in the last couple of decades. If you are looking to pursue an MBA in construction management abroad, here is a definitive guide into the various details you need to look at such as eligibility, admission procedure, top colleges and much more.


What is Construction Management?

·       A degree in construction management allows the student to concentrate on various tools and techniques which are required for supervising, designing, planning and constructing a project.

·       This course intends to make students comprehend the need in controlling the project's cost, time, safety, sustainability, risk, human resources, resources, increasing efficiency, minimising cost and maximising quality with the optimum use of the resources. 

·       The course is capable of project-delivery systems containing design-bid-build, public-private partnerships etc.

·       MBA in Construction Management course will train students in areas such as – core management subjects and domain-specific subjects. The program covers main topics such as – HR management, project management, finance management, contract laws, labour laws, quality control etc.


Why Pursue an MBA in Construction Management Abroad?

·       It is relatively a new course which promises in leading numerous future jobs for the students as the experts have anticipated that this sector will grow only and will not become stagnant in future.

·       Construction management trade in planning, design and construction of a project.

·       Principles of project management play an integral role in the construction management realm.

·       Construction management's centre of attraction is applying principles of management to deal with issues and challenges related to the field of construction technology.

·       Construction projects require highly trained professionals with the technical capacity as well as practical experience.

·       They take care of features such as – project timing (deadline, construction period, handover time etc.), delivery, quality control, costing, raw material acquisition, HR management and more. The construction project consists of four major stages. They are – feasibility, design, construction and operation.

·       This degree program prepares students to manage construction projects and oversee the business side of these enterprises.

·       An MBA in construction management will help students to layout some advanced and appealing course curriculum which will contribute to be an eye-opener in the electrifying world of Construction and Management.

·       MBA in construction management is either a year or 2-year course.


Degree Programs and Requirements

·       Construction Estimating

In this course, students are trained with the necessary skills to estimate the several costs of a construction project. Students in these courses learn how to factor in variables, such as equipment, labour and material costs, into the project's total cost estimate. Such courses may also examine topics in job cost accounting systems, depreciation, computer-based estimating, project delivery implications, international work implications, and other cost analysis methods.


·       Legal Aspects in Construction

A course in the legal aspects of construction helps in learning about the different kinds of contracts and specifications in the construction industry. These courses generally include a legal and business perspective while examining contract procedures, owner responsibilities and labour laws. More topics range from aspects of contracts, payment to disputes insurance, bidding, claims, substitution and the termination of contracts.


·       Construction Planning and Scheduling

These courses provide students with foundational concepts in project management for the construction industry. work breakdown structure and scheduling logic are important topics. These courses also discuss strategic planning, how to analyse projects, project control, resource allocation and more.


Best Colleges for MBA in Construction Management Abroad


·       Arizona State University – United States

·       Wentworth Institute of Technology-Boston, United States

·       Virginia Tech- Virginia, United States

·       Drexel University-Philadelphia, United States

·       Clemson University-South Carolina, United States

·       Brigham Young University – Utah, United States

·       Roger Williams University-Rhode Island, United States

·       Milwaukee School of Engineering- United States

·       Illinois State University- United States

MBA in Construction Management in Canada

·       The flourishing economy and the cultural heterogeneity of Canada attract students from across the globe. High living standards, affordable and quality education, multicultural exposure and friendly post-study or working rules make this country a hot favourite among international students hoping to pursue an MBA in construction management in Canada


·       Pursuing an MBA in Construction in Canada helps students acquire this knowledge and expertise so they may be prepared to pursue careers as leaders in the construction industry.


·       Many construction management schools offering MBA in construction management in Canada design programs to be comprehensive. However, there are many options that allow candidates to narrow down a specific area such as Construction Administration, Real Estate Construction Management, Manufacturing Technology, Sustainability, and more.


·       The Construction Management program at Centennial College, Canada, focuses on the study of the management and technological aspects of residential, industrial, commercial and institutional construction projects, as well as engineering and infrastructure construction.


·       Construction Management courses in the above program offer opportunities of practical training so that candidates acquire a unique blend of construction and project management skills in conjunction with the added dimension of protecting the environment and sustainability.


MBA in Construction Management: Syllabus

The following table presents a rough approximation of the syllabus you can expect in a typical course of MBA in Construction management abroad.


1st Semester

2nd Semester

3rd Semester

4th Semester

Management Principles

Procurement & Tendering

Financial Risk Management

Quality, Health and Safety Management

Project Development & Pre-Construction Planning

Business Marketing

Professional Writing

Project Execution & Control

Business Communication

Probability and Statistics

Project Performance Measuring & Evaluation

Case Studies in Project Management

Behavioural Analysis

Human Resources Management

Dispute Management

Business and Industry Ethics

Sustainable Practices

Project Quality Management

Organisational Structure & Issues

Purchasing & Contracting

Electives/Projects/ Foreign Languages/ Internships

Electives/Project/ Foreign Language/ Internships

Electives/Projects/ Foreign Language/ Internships

Electives/Projects/ Foreign Language/ Internships

Electives Offered: International Practices, Corporate Law, Integrated Transportation, Business Environment, Investment & Real Estate Finance, etc.


MBA in Construction Management Eligibility

·       Interested applicants of MBA in construction management abroad are commonly required to hold a bachelor's degree. Specific admissions requirements may vary depending on the nature of the degree, university and location


·       As part of MBA in construction management eligibility, candidates are typically required to complete coursework in accounting, statistics and other business courses, which can be achieved as a business undergraduate or taken in pre-MBA programs.


·       Candidates have an option to pursue an MBA in Construction Management online or on-campus to prepare for leadership positions in the field. Such programs include a blend of business- and construction-related topics and can usually be completed in an year.


How to Apply for an MBA in Construction Management Abroad

Now that you well-versed with the MBA in construction management eligibility requirements, the next step is to apply for admission.


·       Follow the minimum MBA in construction management eligibility requirements as mentioned in the above section and any other specific instruction in the university guidelines.

·       Attach GMAT/GRE along with IELTS/TOEFL/PTE Test Scores [as required]

·       Complete and submit the Application Form [Passport, Statement of Purpose, Two/Three letters of Recommendation, Transcripts Experience Letter (if required), Financial Support Statement/Funding Essay (if applying for funding), etc.]

·       Pay Application Fee.

·       Personal Interview/Group Discussion/Writing Task [if required]

·       Within 2-3 months of successful application, its status will change to ‘confirmed’, ‘waitlisted’ or ‘rejected’.

·       Deposit the required Tuition Fees & Other Fees within the deadline.

·       Submit the Student Visa Application as early as possible.

·       Sort out accommodation issues.


Cost of MBA in Construction Management

Given below is the cost of pursuing an MBA in construction management abroad. This varies from university to university.



In-State Tuition

Arizona State University


Florida International University


Clemson University


Drexel University


Illinois State University-


Louisiana State University And Agricultural & Mechanical College


University of Houston


Lamar University


University of Wisconsin


Western Carolina University

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